Whether I’m working at my home base -- Space Jam Studio -- or another recording facility, my approach to audio engineering combines attentive, content-responsive capture with an appreciation for the value of a positive vibe and upbeat session environment. I have the experience and knowledge to deliver great sounds quickly to keep the flow going, but am equally open to experimenting with new techniques and exploring new approaches if an artist is open to it and time allows. I value working together with artists to make sure we commit the right sounds to “tape” in the first place, be it by helping with drum tuning, dialing in a guitar tone, or getting the right vibe in the vocal booth. This ensures that later steps in the production process go as smoothly as possible--even if they land in someone else’s hands--and helps retain as much of the natural “magic” of the performances as possible.

I love the puzzle that a mix presents: fitting disparate recorded elements together so that they work in synergy rather than compete with one another in hopes to deliver maximum emotional impact. The song always dictates my approach; I respond to its needs rather than take a one-size-fits-all tact. My sensibilities as a musician and arranger serve my mix process, as I very quickly intuit how a song functions, then focus my efforts on making the mix accentuate those qualities and convey them to the listener. While I am very comfortable delivering a clean, hi-fi, pop-oriented sound for a song that calls for it, I would never impose that on a garage rock or lo-fi hip-hop track that wants a grittier edge, for example. Ultimately I have a strong track record in delivering mixes that artists feel are true to the energy and tone of their material.

I find mastering a unique and rewarding challenge. As with mixing, I try to bring a healthy appreciation for what the song, EP, or album is trying to achieve with its sonic signature, taking a bespoke approach rather than resorting to one-size-fits-all ethos. You will not be getting an Izotope preset from me. You are getting a thorough accounting of your mixes with the goal of delivering a cohesive whole that’s tailored to your targeted media destinations. With the help of Space Jam’s ample acoustic treatment and the powerful Barefoot MicroMain 27 3-way speakers, I have found success in crafting masters that translate in multiple environments while retaining their creator’s intent.

The role of a producer can be taken to mean a lot of different things in this day and age, but to me it means taking a vested interest in the overall quality of a project every step of the way, including before a client even enters the studio to track. This is my favorite way to work on music with others, as it leverages the full breadth of what I have to offer as an artist and technician. This could include helping with arrangement, structure, and melodic choices, as well as crafting harmonies, selecting and rehearsing session musicians, layering elements, instrument/gear selection, and more. While the artist’s vision always remains front and center, this role allows me to help take a good song and turn it into a great recording.


Recording $65/hr tracking
Mixing $400 per song
Mastering $100 per song (up to 6 min)
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