CAVE DIVER is a producer and multi-instrumentalist with two decades of experience capturing, crafting, and shaping music for himself and his clients. An accomplished songwriter and arranger, his foray into the world of recording began as a necessary means to capture his own music affordably as a teenager. After a stint as a freelance engineer utilizing a variety of Brooklyn studios, he launched Space Jam Studio in his basement in Bushwick with the intention of providing high-quality and affordable recording services for artists in all genres.

Today, CAVE DIVER continues to compose and produce his own music as well as offer production, recording, mixing, and mastering services to clients both at Space Jam and other workspaces. His musical sensibilities and discerning sense of structure and dynamics make him a valuable asset to any artist he works with, and his competency on drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards also make him a valuable contributor for bands, projects, and session work opportunities.